Cachoeiro Stone Fair gathered new exhibitors and presented innovative processing

Cachoeiro Stone Fair, held on August 23-26 in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, in the south of Espírito Santo, counted on the participation of over 200 exhibitors. In this edition, several companies attended for the first time with its products. During the four days, a mix of news in machinery, equipment and supplies, different stones and their applicability were presented in various decorating and civil construction project. Distributors and marble workers from all over the country saw in Cachoeiro Stone Fair an ideal place to purchase materials.

Cachoeiro de Itapemirim stands out for marble extraction and for being the largest processor center in Latin America. More than 60% of the stone processing industry are located in the region. The state´s industrial park has more than 1,500 companies, including processing, mines, marble shops, technology centers and services. This great center makes the activity to move significant resources to the productive chain of stones and other sectors of the economy.

During the event, new releases of marbles, granites and translucent stones were presented, which sparked growing interest of architects and designers.

Interested in new technologies, Brazilian marble shops could check in the event, the intelligent machines and innovative processing. Breton launched to the market, its water jet cutting machine with 3 or 5 axes control, for cutting natural and composite stones. The equipment stands for precision, power and speed, which can have a pump up to 6200 bar.

Innovations are constant in the sector, as is the case of diamond saw. It appeared to improve the process in the world of stones and has increasingly replaced the traditional methods of cutting materials. Their differences consist of precision cuts with low operating costs and a considerable reduction in production time. In this Cachoeiro Stone Fair edition, more than five companies were with this technology.

For the vice-president of Sindirochas, Valdecyr Roberte Viguini, Espírito Santo is awarded two major fairs for the sector and this only benefits the sector."Cachoeiro Stone Fair is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs of the ornamental segment to evaluate investments and build strategies to attract buyers and warm up the market. Cachoeiro municipality is known as the "marble capital" and also stands out for its important industrial park of marble and granite processing, along with 14 other municipalities in the south region of Espírito Santo, makes up the most important Local Productive Arrangement (APL ) of ornamental stones in Brazil, especially as the largest stone processing center of the Americas and the 2nd largest industrial center in the world in the sector", he points out.

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